Toward the Well-being Economy

There is a growing debate about the economic, social, environmental and cultural desirability of growth. Interest in this subject is certainly not new, J. S. Mill, for example, in his Principles of Political Economy, raised the prospect of the ‘steady state’ in 1848. Rapidly growing socio-economic inequalities have however, imbued the issue of who benefits from growth with stark contemporary relevance. Added to these considerations is the increasing urgency of the need to prevent further global environmental degradation, which has been exacerbated by the growth oriented nature of economic policy. It is to this debate that my and Terry Marsden’s recently published Discussion Paper Rethinking

The Deep Place Approach

In 2014 we published our report ‘Toward a New Settlement: A Deep Place Approach to Equitable and Sustainable Places, which sought to address one core question which is what type of economy and society do we need to create to achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability by 2030? Our concern was, and remains, a search for a solution to the seemingly intractable problems of continuing inequality and poor economic performance in some of our most disadvantaged communities. Our inspiration for addressing this question was based on our frustration with what has become orthodox social and economic discourse, that there should be a process of ‘managed decline’ in the post-indus

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